The BOUTIPI Aurora Tent Bundles

BOUTIPI's stunning Aurora tents are light, spacious and create an aesthetic heaven for any wedding or event. Find out more today.


Our newest addition!

An 'aurora' is sometimes referred to as a polar light or northern light, a natural light display in the sky. The name itself provides insight into the endless lighting possibilities of the Aurora's translucent white canvas. Its versatility, design and nautical aesthetics has allowed the Aurora to be the latest must have.

Boutipi - aurora
BOUTIPI Aurora Tipi Tent

The Aurora has been awarded the Innovation Award with its design that eliminates gaps which let in wind and rain, without visible disturbances to its characteristic charm.

The Aurora has the ability to roll the clear panel sides up or down, perfect for the ever changing English weather, making it the ideal choice for your event.

Pick your perfect Aurora!

BOUTIPI Mini Aurora


Intimate Aurora bundle for small events.
Seats up to 80 guests.

BOUTIPI Midi Aurora


A magical bundle for medium sized events.
Seats up to 130 guests.

BOUTIPI Maxi Aurora


Make it a large occasion with this bundle.
Seats up to 160 guests.